Responsive Process

We understand the urgency associated with filling top-level positions in companies. That is why Came|Sweeney approaches each assignment with a time-tested process that allows us to provide responsive service without compromising quality. The result of the process is a customized search strategy for each client:

1. UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMPANY. We listen, probe and observe key decision-makers to gain a solid understanding of your company's culture, values and strategy.

2. POSITION DEFINITION. We develop and present for your approval a written description of the needs, requirements and expectations for the position.

3. RESEARCH. We identify the best prospects for the position from our network of personal contacts and a variety of data sources.

4. IN-DEPTH ASSESSMENT. We qualify, personally interview, and write detailed appraisals of those candidates matching your criteria.

5. CLIENT INTERVIEW. We manage the logistics of the interview process, offer our insight on the candidates' relative strengths and weaknesses, and conduct thorough reference checks on the finalists.

6. NEGOTIATION & ACCEPTANCE. If requested, we act as an intermediary through the negotiation process and secure a commitment from the selected candidate.

7. CANDIDATE COMMUNICATIONS. We maintain timely and candid communications with all candidates, including those not selected for the position, treating all with respect and preserving the client's reputation.

8. EVALUATION & FOLLOW-UP. We follow up with both the candidate and the client over the ensuing months to help with the transition and ensure the satisfaction of both parties.

9. OFF LIMITS. We maintain an off-limits policy (not recruiting from a firm in which we have placed a candidate) for a period of at least one year from the time of the completion of the search.