Advantages and disadvantages exist in identifying a client organization at the beginning of a search. Occasionally, a client asks that we withhold or shield its identity until we are certain of the candidate's qualifications for the position. However, even in the most sensitive situations, the company's identity must be revealed at some point during discussions with candidates. Generally, each client determines the timing of this decision when we accept the assignment.

Confidentiality is equally important to protect the candidates we represent. Since we usually seek candidates who are employed and not actively looking for new opportunities, the information we provide clients is closely guarded. We request the candidate information be limited to only those directly involved in the interview and selection process.

Client/Candidate Relationships

Trust and integrity are essential in serving our clients from the very first meeting. We encourage clients to candidly express any preference, sensitivity or consideration that might affect the search. We approach each assignment in the same honest and straightforward manner. This way, expectations are both realistic and clearly understood. Our experience proves that the opportunity for success is greatest when this level of openness is exercised. We extend the same respect to our candidates through open and timely communications.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Like most of our clients, Came Sweeney provides equal employment opportunities to everyone. Consequently, we do not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, or any other factors that may violate federal equal opportunity guidelines. Our goal is to find qualified candidates for our clients. Our judgement and assessment of individuals are based on their record of accomplishments, ability to perform and “chemistry” or personal fit with the client's organization.